Internship @Dunamu

Internship in strategic planning team @Dunamu, South Korea's blockchain/fintech business, for designing their new products.




During a 3 month-long Internship on Strategic Planning Team of Dunamu, I created prototypes for NFT drops collaborating with global IP holding companies based on daily market research and user data analysis which led the platform to sell $200K+ in 3 months.

Also, I planned product strategies for a luxury watch reselling service utilizing user and market insights from interviews, competitor research, and web data analytics, shipping MVP in Jan 2022.

Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the company, I am not able to show any of my work done during the internship. But I am happy to share my experience, so please reach out via email or interviews :)
3 months
(Dec 2021~ Feb 2022)
Strategic Planning Team, IP Strategy

My Role


User Research
Market Research
Delivering PRDs
B2B Communication