A reliable place to network and create connections based on on-chain profiles.

Project Overview



IDENTIC is a reliable and easy-to-socialize recruiting platform with NFT-based profiles.

The product is designed to solve the problems of current recruit/networking platforms:
IDENTIC is the place Job seekers can connect with people with traceable profiles and find job postings with the companies' previous recruiting activities, while
recruiters can connect with people with the applicants’ resumes on blockchain where they can track the archive of the applicant’s personal/career development.

As the person who designed the project from end to end, I was able to:
- conduct user/market research for the possible service
- find problems, insights, and solutions for existing services
- design user interface and design Systems for Native App environment
3 weeks
(Sep - Oct 2022)

My Role


User Research
UX Design
Interface Design
Personal Project