The first Web3 platform that makes digital assets into NFTs with socially impactable messages.

Project Overview



Our team worked to build a Web3 community platform to;
- provide new value-based support relationships between companies and individuals
- solve Reliability issues in the crowdfunding/NFT market a trust-based community through big data/Blockchain technology.

As the person who designed the project from end to end,
I was able to;
- oversee user/market research for the project development
- set PRDs and product plans for the new product and shipped MVP in Jul 2022
- conduct usability tests on early prototypes
- deliver user interface designs and design Systems (40+ web pages)

Web3.0 site(1.0 version) has been released in July 2022 and went for Beta test and debugging process.
4 months
(Apr ~ Jul 2022)

My Role


User Research
UX Design
Usability Testing
Interface Design
1 Product Owner
1 Product Designer (Me)
3 Front end Developer
4 Back end Developer

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information.