I’m Angie Kim
: a creative strategist who design products based on research and data.

I'm always passionate about collaboration, innovation, problem-solving, and humanity-centered design.
I'm currently studying and working at
New York University, focusing on creative technologies and Human-Computer Interaction at ITP.
previously worked at
@Dunamu, @Factagora
Find my resume here

Product Design


Easy and Trustful Web3.0 Community Platform

Quick and Accessible Public Health Fund Finder

A reliable Place to Network and Create Connections

Product Design @Factagora
Product Design, 2022 Asia Open Data Challange
Product Design Case Study

Graphic Design

CommonplayITP Winter ShowXwX

Branding / Book Design / Web Design


Branding / Book Design / Web, App Concept

Theatre <Commonplay>
New York University Tisch School of Art
Project <XwX>

Internship / Research

DunamuNYU Ability Lab (link to website)NYU Metaverse Collective (link to website)

The Biggest Blockchain-based Fintech Company in South Korea

An Interdisciplinary Research Space for Accessible Technology

A Cross-Industry Initiative Designed to Prepare Students and Industry Partners to Succeed in the Metaverse.

2021 - 2022
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